Wedding Palki

Wedding Palki

We offer a unique spell binding collection of Wedding Palki or Wedding Dolis including White Peacock Palki Wooden, Golden Palki Wooden, New Wooden Mugal Jali Palki and Hut Type Wooden Palki. Our Wedding Palkis are intricately designed and developed using fine quality of wood making them sturdy and durable. They are water proof and are capable of withstanding all kinds of pressures. We also embellish them with various decorative items as per the desired theme and style. We are a renowned Wedding Palki Manufacturer and Supplier in Uttar Pradesh (India). Customers can avail them at affordable prices.

  • White Peacock Palki Wooden.

    Size : 5 X 3 X 5 Cm

    Price : Rs. 19000/-

  • Golden Palki Wooden

    Size : 4 x 3 x 4 Cm

    Price : Rs. 16000/-

  • New Wooden Mugal Jali Palki

    Size : 6 X 3 X 5 Cm

    Price : Rs. 32000/-

  • Hut Type Wooden Palki

    Size : 4 X 3 X 5 Cm

    Price : Rs. 28000/-